Supporting refugees in hosting countries 


Center for Entrepreneurship in Exile (CEE) is an African Diaspora organization’s network established in July 2017 in The Netherlands. It aims at promoting and developing the role of the diaspora and sharing their knowledges and experiences with refugees in host countries to address common challenges.

The idea of CEE-Center was started from the grass roots in 2017, when a group of African migrant students wishing to start up a business in their country of origin, and Dutch entrepreneurs who see Africa as a growth market and are looking for partners. Matching migrants and Dutch businesses with startups African companies, seems promising form of sustainable development. Therefore, we approached several European institutes, lecturers, students, women associations, and experts who participate in giving advice, directing and developing this project, and the future ideas of CEE-Center.


Centre for Entrepreneurship in Exile CEE aims at providing support to improve capacity and skills of refugees’ entrepreneurs in hosting countries including refugees and their associations. This support is meant to overcome obstacles that arise from market-based farming. CEE-Center believes that building capacity and skills are essential for to eliminate the suffering of the refugees blockaded in far places out of reach (for) international and national humanitarian organization.

CEE-Center operates in the field of local and international cooperation to deliver trainings seek to enhance human capital and promote community integration. The main activities here concern the promotion of social entrepreneurship and economic strategies that foster job creation.