Supporting refugees in hosting countries 


CEE-Center provides hopeful practices in integration and a set of design tools to help refugees, local community and stake holders to create a condition by which small businesses grow and evolve in the face of uncertainty and change. 

The major tools include: 

  • Motivational stories

Our Good Examples collection connects refugees to leading integration/inclusion strategies, new approaches to common challenges and learning exchange. This collection of promising practices, profiles successful stories that are innovative, practical and exportable to a wide and diverse range of hosting countries.

We share as well contact information, resources, and successful stories with refugees and host communities to use and adapt these practices locally and wherever they live and work

  • Fostering Business Ecosystems 

Creating an interactive platform and communication that brings integration actors together for sharing, peer learning and making marketing relationship. This ecosystem consists of interactive platform, plan of action and tracking board.

  • Language support program


Local language support program is tailored to training, mentoring and networking initiatives aimed at enhancing immigrants’ language proficiency, business skills, and professional communications.

  • Conversation on integration


Where online community can meet for discussion, information exchange and shared experiences that will be hosted by practitioners working internationally and in major immigrant receiving cities in Africa.

  • CEE-Library

For easy-to-search, CEE-library provides resources, tools and links to support entrepreneurs research into what tools, skills and mindsets required to design small business and good integration practices.