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Seedlings for refugee back garden

Malnutrition is a serious public health problem in Kiryandongo refugee settlement. It retards child growth, increases the risk and duration of illness, reduces work output, and slows social and mental development. Malnutrition among women of reproductive age increases the risk of mortality during labor and delivery and puts their new-born children at risk of long-term deficiencies. Improving nutritional status, including micronutrient status, can lead to increased productivity, increased child survival and growth, and reduced maternal morbidity and mortality.

Home gardening activities are centered on women and it can also increase the income of women, which may result in the better use of household resources and improved caring practices and empowerment through A, Band C.

A. Gardening Inputs

Access to the necessary inputs for gardening from a local, sustainable source is an important element for successful gardening. Such inputs include seeds, seedlings and saplings, a regular water supply, environmentally friendly soil improvement techniques and pest control, live fencing, and credit or capital as necessary.

B. Community Participation

Involvement and participation of the community in project design, implementation and evaluation was a lesson from HKI’s very first experience in gardening in 1988. Having two-way channels for information exchange is instrumental for achieving sustainable, improved gardening practices. Villages, households and working groups of women formed and organized themselves and selected the group leader.

C. Technical assistance, demonstration and training

Technical support is especially important when new gardening techniques are being promoted such as growing new or increased number of varieties or year-round vegetable production. Training and other group activities around a central demonstration garden can serve to demonstrate different varieties, hybrids or other important garden techniques such as live fencing, composting, use of natural pesticides, year round production etc. CEE Centre provides the technical support that needed.

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Magamaga , Bweyale town, Kiryandongo district , Uganda