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Young Refugees people (< 35 yr) have skill gaps compared to the host population and therefore do need education but culture does not prioritize education. CEE wants to solve this problem through vocational training to the refugees who had no opportunity for regular education back home. The aim of the project is to build the capacity of the refugees, increase the opportunities of getting jobs and generate income. Therefore, CEE seeks to partner in order to overcome education & capacity building, livelihood strategies’ support and peace building

Refugees in Kiryandongo and in Uganda at large rely on food aid provided by World Food Programme WFP and other donors.

To counter malnutrition at the refugee settlement, in cooperation with our partners we will set up 4 food forests by equipping 60 refugee women.

Agricultural extension services and electronic media play an important role in the adoption of new agricultural technologies

Malnutrition is a serious public health problem in Kiryandongo refugee settlement. It retards child growth, increases the risk and duration of illness, reduces work output, and slows social and mental development.

Local language support program is tailored to training, mentoring and networking initiatives aimed at enhancing immigrants’ language proficiency, business skills, and professional communications.

For easy-to-search, CEE-library provides resources, tools and links to support entrepreneurs research into what tools, skills and mindsets required to design small business and good integration practices.


Refugees can offer an important contribution to the social and economic progress of Uganda.

EcoFema – Turing Covid19-masks to pads

Basically, refugee women face lack of sanitary and women friendly spaces at refugee camps. Besides other households’ burden they would be able to afford buying menstruation products from pharmacies.

In July 2021 OPM has allocated a farmland of about 8 acres for a group of 20 women to improve food and nutrition security. This project is led by a group of women from Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and been facilitated by a concretum of different stakeholders. This project went through 4 phases

Barbara Harrel-Bond Honorable hall. The Iconic of Rights in Exile

Barbara, a source of inspiration for humble refugees, whether students or human rights defenders, served as a teacher and advocate for refugee rights throughout her entire career. Her impactful contributions include establishing a legal framework for practitioners, leaving a lasting legacy in Forced Migration and refugee legal rights advocacy. The Center for Education in Exile, motivated by her dedication, aims to honor her by constructing a hall in her name—a space that will be dedicated to assist refugees in Kiryandongo refugee camp. Your support through donations can make this meaningful project a reality.


Budget: 6.590 $

Duration: One year

Beneficiaries: 16.000 refugees & 18 stakeholders  


CEE center for education in exile

Magamaga , Bweyale town, Kiryandongo district , Uganda