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Long Term Grain Storage

In July 2021 OPM has allocated a farmland of about 8 acres for a group of 20 women to improve food and nutrition security. This project is led by a group of women from Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and been facilitated by a concretum of different stakeholders. This project went through 4 phases:

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Phase 1

Setting up the concept (July 2021): Whereby due to shortfalls of funding, WFP slashed its monthly assistance for refugees by 40 percent in Uganda and therefore, the project is to fill the gap of the 40% food rations left. Also, promoting production in an ecological manner that supports the local environment.

Phase 2

Providing training (that already took place on 16th of January 2022 in Cluster G) in how to help women understand the market and the concept of agribusiness.

Phase 3

: Implementation: By where the farmland is cleaned, weeded and compost making is started. The garden also divided equally into 4 plots where each group pointed out its own leader and supervisor. The project provides food and drinks during the working days. Furthermore, the women equipped with tools such as: (Rakes, shovel, Hoes, saw cutters, watering cans, Gumboots, and chairs) to start the gardening from 14 of March 2022. The good news is that now, and after just two seasons, the women harvesting 150 bags of maize every season which satisfying their households consumption for the whole year. Unfortunately, they don’t have a store to help them further. Therefore, we are looking to help those by about 13.600 to solve this problem. We would be very happy to discuss more details if you are able and willing to give a hand that help in securing the women livelihood now and for 3 years to come.

Long Term Grain Storage

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• Duration: long term

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Magamaga , Bweyale town, Kiryandongo district , Uganda